Sell your Florida or Tennessee sinkhole property fast! is a website created by Apex Acquisitions & Holdings, LLC. to assist you with all the confusion associated with having a sinkhole property in FL & TN.

Experiencing a sinkhole problem for the first time can be a very scary experience.

Common questions you may have:

  • Do I have a sinkhole or not?

  • Does my homeowners insurance cover for sinkhole damage?

  • What is the first step to take?

  • How should I notify my insurance company?

  • Can my house be repaired?

  • Do I want to go through the remediation process?

  • Can I sell my sinkhole house unrepaired?

We can answers these questions and any others you may have. has the knowledge gained by years of experience helping homeowners with damaged sinkhole property just like yours. We can help you through every step of the way. was designed to help Florida and Tennessee Homeowners with damaged sinkhole property. We will help you understand what your options are from the beginning of a sink hole insurance claim to the final resolution.

We offer free consultation. We will explain how the insurance process works and give you the information you need. You may repair your home and continue living in it or you may wish to sell your home unrepaired.

Helping you through this stressful process and answering all your questions is what were here for!

If you prefer or are forced to repair your property, please call us for our preferred foundation repair contractor. Our sinkhole repair specialist is licensed in Tennessee and Florida. Our contractor could possibly finance your sinkhole repair.

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