Type of Soil Problems

Soil Problems
Soil problems might cause damage similar to sinkhole damage. These are the different types of soil problems.

  • Organic Decomposition

Organic materials such as peat, roots, tree stumps, and muck begin to decompose and consolidate as they are exposed to cellulose feeding fungi. The decomposition and consolidation process can create voids, allowing the settlement and transport of upper level soils. Organic Decomposition can cause structure damage similar to sinkhole damage.

  • Shrink/Swell Clays

Some clay soils have an inherent tendency to shrink or swell as their moisture content increases or decreases. Shrinkage of clay soils can result in sinking of near surface soils.

  • Buried Debris

The subsurface granular soils may settle into void spaces around buried debris resulting in the sinking of near surface soils. The problem is usually caused by the developer or builder burying deleterious materials in the ground at the development phase.

  • Vegetation

Trees and shrubs may have root systems that can lift and damage your foundation. The root systems can dehydrate clay soils causing settlement or cause swelling when saturated with water.

  • Change in Ground Water Level

Significant drops in the groundwater tables can cause movement of a structure as the groundwater tables drop it reduces the buoyancy which results in sinking of near surface soils.

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