What are my options?

Some insurance companies will allow for a cash out settlement. Many times a homeowner must ask for this option. Call us any day to discuss.

You have a few options after settling your insurance claim:

Option 1 - You can repair your home and continue to live in it.

Option 2- You can sell your unrepaired sinkhole house to SinkholeBuyer.com for CASH.

We have several options to help you with the transition:

  • We can lease the property back to you while you are searching for another property

  • We can allow you continue living in the property 30 to 60 days after closing, free of rent

  • We can structure your closing date in a fashion that coincides with the closing of your new house

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If you prefer or are forced to repair your property, please call us for our preferred foundation repair contractor. Our sinkhole repair specialist is licensed in Tennessee and Florida. Our contractor could possibly finance your sinkhole repair.

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